Bambyo supports the Gezond Geboren Fund.


Gezond Geboren

Approximately 500 babies per day are born in the Netherlands. Every day four babies die due to growth retardation, preterm birth or congenital abnormality. Other babies can manage it, but are chronically ill or disabled.
In addition, getting (healthy) children is not self-evident to everyone, 15% of couples with a desire to have children need help with this process.

Baby Organic Star has therefore decided to make a percentage of the profits available to the Healthy Born Fund that is committed to this type of research.

Fonds Gezond Geboren finances scientific research that ensures that as many babies in the Netherlands as possible are healthy in the world. Every pregnancy deserves a good outcome! With more knowledge about the causes and treatment, it is estimated that a quarter of the infant mortality in the Netherlands can be prevented.

The government has made considerable cuts in the budget for medical scientific research in recent years. That is why Fonds needs healthy born help, because a healthy born baby, you still want everyone?

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